Director Identification Number: Director for an Indian company, both Indian and foreigners must register and get the Identification Number, To be early is to be on time, do not rush into the process later. Get the DIN today by reaching us and consume time.


DIN Number is an 8 digit number. Once, DSC is obtained for the applicant DIN Application can be filed with the MCA. The DIN application must be electronically signed with the Digital Signature Certificate; hence, the requirement for obtaining DSC prior to DIN. The DIN application must also include a photo of the applicant along with identity and address proof. Once the DIN application is filed and the application is approved, the DIN number is provided instantaneously. In case any errors are noticed in the DIN application, further documents are requested by the DIN cell. On submission of the required documents, the DIN cell would then allow the DIN number in 2 – 3 working days.DIN numbers do not have an expiry date and no further compliance formalities are required for maintaining the validity of a DIN number. DIN numbers are allotted by way of intimation through DIN allotment letter and no other documents are issued.