Indian Railways provides WiFi in mission mode! Now, enjoy free high-speed internet at 3,000 rail stations


RailTel, the Mini Ratna under the Ministry of Railways has successfully provided high speed and free ‘RailWire’ WiFi service at 3,000 stations across the Indian Railways network.

Indian Railways provides free WiFi on stations in mission mode! Indian Railways passengers can now enjoy high-speed free WiFi service at a whopping 3,000 railway stations on the network. RailTel, the Mini Ratna under the Ministry of Railways, has now successfully provided high speed and free ‘RailWire’ WiFi service at 3,000 stations across the Indian Railways network. The Ellenabad railway station which falls under the Bikaner Division of the North Western Railway (NWR) zone, became the 3000th station in the country to be equipped with free public RailWire WiFi, according to a recent official release issued by Indian Railways.

In the first week of this month, the 2000th station to have been equipped with free WiFi service was the Rana Pratap Nagar railway station which also falls under the NWR zone. With the recent feat of providing WiFi at the 3000th station, RailTel has completed the task of providing free, high-speed WiFi at 1000 stations in just a span of 15 days. RailTel is working to provide fast and free WiFi service at all railway stations across the network, except the halt stations, in less than two months.

The free WiFi facility was made live at 1,600 stations in the first phase. RailTel has now roped in Tata Trust for providing free WiFi at remaining stations across the country. Puneet Chawla, Chairman, and Managing Director, RailTel has said that the PSU is going full throttle for providing the WiFi service at all the assigned stations across the network.

How to use RailWire free high-speed WiFi at Indian Railways stations?

  • High-speed and fast RailWire WiFi service will be available to any user who owns a smartphone with a working mobile connection for KYC considerations.
  • In order to use the RailWire WiFi, the user has to switch on the WiFi mode on the smartphone and then select the RailWire WiFi network.
  • The RailWire homepage will automatically appear on the smartphone. Then, the user has to enter his or her mobile number on the homepage.
  • The user will get a one-time password (OTP) in the form of an SMS in the message box which has to be entered in the home page of RailWire.
  • After entering the correct OTP, users will be able to access high-speed internet and can start browsing.

The purpose behind availing free WiFi service to the small stations which cater to mainly rural or low population density areas is to provide people with state-of-the-art WiFi facility. Moreover, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways believes that the easy and low-cost availability of smartphones in today’s market, coupled with free WiFi at railway stations in the rural areas, will give a boost to the digital growth for rural India. While the private operators find it difficult to create a telecom infrastructure in rural areas due to the high CAPEX involved, RailTel has been penetrating the hinterland of the country in order to bring state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure for the rural population, which is gradually bridging the digital divide of urban and rural India.

Courtesy: Financial Express