Lockdown 4.0: Here’s A Complete List of Special Trains with Routes and Timings


Select train services will resume from today amid the ongoing lockdown for which the Indian Railways has released a new timetable with details of stations and timings. Lockdown 3.0 has ended today and the fourth phase of the lockdown has implemented across the nation till 31st May. As the time of lockdown increases, the responsibility of taking migrant labourers to the home state has also increased. However, passenger trains will remain closed even during Lockdown 4.0 and only labour trains, special trains and freight trains will be operational. 

How to do Train Registration Online? 

The Center has also instructed the state governments for taking the labourers from their homes to the food, water and necessary relief service. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has started online train registration to bring migrant labourers and people back to their homes. Migrant labourers and people stranded in Delhi will be able to register themselves by clicking on the link https://epass.jantasamvad.org/train/passenger/ to go to their states.