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A Partnership Firm Registration

It is a legal form of business between two or more individuals where the management and profits are shared between them. To start a Partnership Registration Procedure partners need to enter into Partnership deed. Partnership firm’s deed is created by attaching an appropriate value of stamp paper with the agreement, which can be notarized further.

It is mandatory for the partners to get the firm registered. The registration of the Firm can be obtained by filing the deed and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Requirements To Start A Partnership Firm

Least Two People: Two men are expected to end up noticeably the partners of the firm and 20 members are permitted to be partners in a firm.

Minimum Capital: Base capital is endorsed; it must be founded on the business necessities. The Stamp Duty on the deed depends on the measure of capital.

NO FDI is permitted: Outside interest in an organization business isn’t allowed. In the firm, just Indian subject can turn into the accomplice and begin the association business.

Extraordinary Name: Name of the firm ought to be extraordinary, and it must not be same or like the name of any current trademark which is enlisted or connected to.

Documents Required Registering a Partnership Firm (All copies of documents should be self-attested by the customer):

  • A signed copy of the Partnership Deed, duly notarized.
  • Signature of all the partners on Form No 1 duly attested by CA / Advocate.
  • Colour Photographs of all the partners of the firm.
  • Pan Card, ID Proof and Address Proof (Aadhar is Must) of all partners.
  • Premises Proof where the registered office of the firm shall be situated.
  • No objection certificate in the form of an affidavit from the owner of the premises.

Partnership Firm Procedure:

Selection of Name: A Partnership firm should begin with a different name by pronouncing the same in the consent to be the name of the firm by the partners. Care must be taken while choosing the name of the firm to keep away from any contention with another person trademark. We educate that the name regarding the firm must be cross-checked with the registry of trademarks to keep away from any encroachment or going off the others Trademark or brand name.

Partnership Deed Drafting: The Partnership Agreement is the constitution of the firm which decides the relationship of partners among themselves and also the connection of partners versus the firm. The assertion additionally sets out the techniques for adding other partners or for removal of partners. The capital, Interest on Capital, Partners Salary, and benefit sharing proportion are a portion of the transcendent things in the understanding which should be deliberately drafted.

Partnership Deed Notarisation: A Partnership Deed must be very much drafted, and the mark of the partners be made on the understanding within the sight of observers before a Notary Public. This brings assurance and sets up that the understanding of association is made with the free ascent of the gatherings and within the sight of witnesses.

Partnership Firm Registration: In spite of the fact that the association demonstration 1932, does not make the enlistment of firm obligatory, However on account of impediments forced by segment 59 of the demonstration. It is emphatically prescribed to get the firm enlisted in an endorsed way. While making an application for enlistment the KYC of the accomplices, the duplicate of the deed, KYC of the premises and a NOC from the proprietor of premises is submitted.

PAN Card of the Firm: PAN is the abbreviated form of Permanent Account Number, which is a ten-digit alphanumeric number allotted to the assessment of the income tax by the Revenue Office ( ITO). It is a unique number which identifies the firm before the IT Department. Form No 49A need to be filed along with the copy of partnership deed to get the PAN Card. It takes around a week time.

TAN Number Allotment: An obligation is made to deduct the expense while making installments over the span of the business. The TDS rates are indicated independently which runs between 1 – 20% relying on the exchange. The TDS so deducted is stored with the Income Tax Department and points of interest are recorded with the quarterly return of TDS. To consent to the arrangements of TDS, a TAN number is designated by the Income Tax Department.

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