Patent Registrations: Invention is the most important product of the human’s brain.


We honor it in the way of protection to register and thus by being financial support. Register your Patent today for the successful growth……..An applicant for a patent can protect an invention in India by registering in India as per the Indian Patent Law, by filing an application  for a patent in India or patenting it in India by enjoying  and exercise his /her  monopoly rights bestowed by the Indian patent law  and can earn monetary  profits for term of 20 years. The patent application can be an ordinary application, National phase application under PCT or a conventional application. Generally, an ordinary application is filed with the Indian Patent Office to obtain a patent. Further, after filing of a patent application, the patent application is examined by an examiner of the patent office. After examination of the application, a FER or first examination report is issued by the examiner containing a list of objections, to which an applicant or his authorized agent has to file a response. If needed, the examiner can call an applicant or his agent for a hearing. Once the examiner is satisfied with the response filed by an applicant, he may put the application in order for grant.