Perks Of Being Smart And Healthy!


There are two things in life, that a person essentially needs one is education and other is health.

Education because excluding all the material possessions education is the only thing that can take you to places.One thing that is common in all successful people is education. Most powerful countries in the world claim that high literacy has been a major reason for their economies boom.

Health because, if you are not physically and mentally stable the question of success is at the far end! As the world is advancing at a higher pace, every minute a person is caught with a life-threatening health disease. In a country full of people struck with the epidemic is equivalent to no man’s land.

Cost of Education is rising fast. In fact, many a time it becomes a hindrance for imparting education to the right meritorious candidate. There have always been efforts to meet the needs of meritorious students; these efforts need to be scaled up. However, if we look at the rising cost and try to reduce it, there are chances that we would end up compromising on the quality, which is certainly not desirable. Other than basic education there are many things that the student might need, students today struggle because of the high priced, overrated services.

Online Educational prerequisites under the radar:

A student today might go to school and attend classes, but is the simple education enough is the need of the hour!

Health is another factor a common man struggles with. Middle-class family invests the savings of their whole life into insurance because of the life’s unpredictability.

The question comes down to lower middle class …how do they survive the health calamities?

There should be services that people can avail and be educated for the facilities of insurance; most people do not even know how to avail such services in India.

Lack of something shouldn’t be anyone’s reason for  nonachievement