Tata Sky SD, HD, +HD, and Ultra HD 4k set-top boxes: Which one should you pick?


Tata Sky set-top boxes are available in four options – Standard Definition or SD, High Definition (HD), +HD, as well as Ultra HD 4K. Here is look in detail the prices of all the Tata Sky set-top boxes after Rs 400 price cut.

Tata Sky recently reduced prices for its set-top boxes by up to Rs 400 in the offline market. The price cut is applicable for Tata Sky’s High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) set-top boxes. Those looking to buy a new Tata Sky set-up box can also avail the discounts as well via offline as well as local stores.

There does not seem to be a price cut for Tata Sky+ HD or 4K set-top boxes. If one takes into account the slashed prices, Tata Sky set-top boxes now start at Rs 1,499 for SD. The company’s HD set-top box is priced at Rs 1,699.

The Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K set-top box will set you back to Rs 6,400, while the +HD Digital box is the most expensive at Rs 9,300. Of course, a 4K set-top box makes more sense for people who have a UHD TV at home, so that should be considered before getting a new connection. Here is a list of all the Tata Sky set-top boxes:

• Tata Sky SD Digital set-top box at Rs 1,499
Tata Sky SD Digital set-top box offers content in DVD picture quality. Features included are access to Tata Sky Services such as Cooking, Music, FunLearn as well as parental control, and auto standby. Tata Sky’s pay-per-view movie service Showcase will also be available for its SD Digital set-top box users.


• Tata Sky HD Digital set-top box at Rs 1,699
Tata Sky HD set-top box includes all the benefits of the company’s SD set-top box. Plus, it supports 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080i resolution for an enhanced viewing experience. When it comes to sound quality, it supports Dolby Digital Surround and Plus Surround.

• Tata Sky+ HD Digital set-top box at Rs 9,300
Tata Sky+ HD set-top box is the most expensive and more inclusive at Rs 9,300 as it includes additional features such as Video on Demand (VoD) as well as the company’s Karaoke service. Of course, all benefits of Tata Sky SD and HD set-top boxes are included as well, in addition, there is support for 500GB hard disk, and the ability to record one’s favourite shows from mobile or Internet.

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Plus, users get access to Tata Sky Web apps and support for pausing, rewinding, or forwarding TV shows and movies. For Tata Sky’s VoD service, the user will need to connect to the Internet. The Series Link feature allows users to record all episodes of the TV series they like, and skip the repeat telecasts.

•Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K set-top box at Rs 6,400
Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K set-top box supports 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 10-bit true colour. Though all SD and HD features are more or less included, it misses out on the company’s VoD and Karaoke services. Also, there is no 500GB hard disk or support for recording shows from mobile, Series Link, and the rewind, forward, and pause features.

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