Why the Irish passport is among the most powerful in the world


Ireland is ranked among some of the most powerful in the world when it comes to passports.

While Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom’s passports allow access to 173 countries Ireland’s comes just four slots below with access to 170.

The infographic (below), compiled by movehub.com in 2014, shows which countries have the most and least powerful passports, granting their citizens visa-free (or visa on arrival) access. The site states, “It might surprise you to know that the ‘Leaders of the Free World’ – the USA – are in fact not the most ‘free’ in the world. At least when it comes to passports.”

However, the US does come in above Ireland gaining their citizens access to 172 countries, ranked at the same power as Denmark, Germany, and Luxembourg. Ireland has some pretty impressive group buddies such as Canada, France, Japan, Norway, Portugal, and Spain.

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Courtesy: IrishCentral